Our Class 4H

My class is made up of  lots of guys and so different personalities. I can't certainly say that we are one class, but finally I still believe in them and I like it.
Nevertheless in the class were born different friendships and I'm very happy because  I can  also say that I found a lot of very special persons.  But on the other hand not everything is perfect, in the class there are a lot of groups and divisions. This isn't a positive thing because in the class there are a lot of misunderstanding.  Sometimes we quarrel and perhaps we raise too much the tone of voice, but at the end it doesn't even matter because we love ourselves. We are young and so we aren't mature enough to understand the true things to quarrel, but at the end perhaps the most important thing is only that we can always come back to be friends as before.

But we mustn't talk about only of negative aspects: my classmates are very funny, cool and simply ones! I feel good with them and also teachers thinks that in spite of all, we are a nice and a good class. Together we do some activities, recently we have decided to paint our class and draw on the wall three animals: a lion, a shark and an eagle. It was a nice project to do together, especially because we had a great time doing it.                                                                                                                                                   So we can define ourselves a beautiful class, not so united but good!
                                                                                                                                                                                            And you...? How is your class?