We considered the idea of decorate our class and make it more comfortable since we spend six hours a day in it! After deciding what and how to do it, David has created a  project to be sent to the Headmaster of Albe Steiner school,  receiving the approval, we immediately set to work. We decided to pick up  € 5 each  student and we bought all the material (2 tins of paint from 14 liters a sandpaper and the rest we brought from home)! The day after bought what we  need, we got to work and we started to make smooth the wall. This step ended we started to paint  by rollers and brushes the walls of the classroom. We waited for it dried all over the wall and we started drawing our 3 big, enormous animals. The project is like this: the 4 elements on the walls to locate the animals. Water-shark, lion-land, sky-eagle, and finally to the fire as there is no realistic animal we decided to draw some flames.  After we designed by pencil  the fees with the animals on the walls that with the money we collected in excess includes color, we did the sponge around the animals and then we colored subjects.
We realized that the class, in this way is much more friendly and livable!

This is our idea and our meaning of living in an eco and sustainable space. We think that we can get what we want starting from little things and each  one of us can help the world to be better.


Pietro Micca Museum

 An astonishing and historical tour in our City
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Parco del Valentino

A regenerating walk through the park discovering Turin Medieval Borgo
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Enjoy in a shopping Centre

Have a good time with your friends, save youy money in shopping...and much more
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