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Ours is  an Art & Design school  whose aims are to increase and develop our graphic skills looking for a job as creative designer and publishe; training students to search for employment in a  specialised sector of the labor market continually evolving, attending  courses at university level and specialized higher education.

Beside cultural and professional career, in our Institute it places a great emphasis on personal growth so that to be not only a good professionist, but a good citizen.

Particular attention is given to students of foreign Countries,who are increasingly present in our Institute and in the real city.Therefore have been activated tutorial interventions both for a better understanding of the Italian language, and to enhance culture in which every individual plays a carrier in the process of mutual integration.

The addresses of specialization of our Institute are three:

· Technical Graphics and Advertising

- Technical audiovisual industry

· Technical production of the photographic image

In the three addresses there are both common materials: Italian - History - Foreign Language (English) - Law and Economics-  Mathematics and Computer Science - Earth Science and Biology - Physical Education - Religion

Or professional subjects characterizing  the chosen address.


He can work everywhere there is a need to inform, encourage, persuade, making visible an idea, an event or promote a product. The course is recommended for those who possess good ability to design, aesthetic sense  and creativity. After three years of the course is awarded a diploma qualification in Graphic Designer and Operator, with a further two years, the diploma of Technical Graphics and Advertising.

The course takes place both at the main Home, in 20 Lungo Dora Agrigento str. (Borgo Dora) and 291 Monginevro str, next to Grugliasco, and at the Institute " Balbis " 12 Assarotti str.


 He will have  a basic technical competence to achieve autonomy in an audiovisual product, by knowing the techniques and language of communication media; he will know how to use specific technologies of production and processing of sounds and images to 'inside the world of film, television, Documentary. At the end of three years is awarded the diploma qualification of workers in communications and in the next two years of the technique of 'audiovisual industries

The course takes place at the main Home in 20  Lungo Dora Agrigento



It is a professional course having good expertise on the technical aspects of photography and production; the course is suitable for young people with good observation skills, curiosity and critical sense in the use of images .. After the expiry of the qualification is awarded the diploma in photography and in the next two years diploma in production technician and photographic image.